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How our product workssupplament powder

Imagine a football game and we have a quarterback. The quarterback represents your skin

The line of players in front of the quarter back are called the offensive line there job is to protect the quarterback from getting sacked. The offensive line is made up of several different players from different colleges, different races and different skill levels. Some parts of the offensive line protect the blind side of the quarter back (left Side) some protect the right side some even protect the middle. As the game goes on the offensive line becomes tired and a new player fresh off the bench from the opposing team slips through the offensive line and sacks the quarterback.

Herpes simplex virus is the opposing player in this case scenario.

What our product HERBASTAT does is super charge the offensive line so that they now are all the same players from the same college, same skill cells all speaking the same language and totally connected to the same goal: stop anything and anybody from slipping through the line.

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The players in real life are actually your cells in the immune system: The names of the players are Cytokines, FC Receptors, Macrophages, Neutrophills, killer Cells, mast cells, fibroblasts and T & B Cells. That is your offensive line. They all come from different parts of your body and have different backgrounds and skill cets but Herbastat allows them to work as a super charged team that can beat up the HSV every time on every play in every game. It’s like the Dallas Cowboys against the pee wee league. Go to Ingredients for more clinical description.

From our picture above you can see how the HSV is trying to attack the nerve system and reach the skin but the HSV is stopped at the border by a healthy Immune system fighting along side the killer cells and the cells that make up the Granulocyte macrophage colony.

The definition of Immunostimulant

Immunostimulants, also known as immunostimulators, are substances (drugs and nutrients) that stimulate the immune system by inducing activation or increasing activity of any of its components. One notable example is the granulocyte macrophage colony-stimulating factor. The herpes virus attacks when we are under stress and our immune system is low. When you travel abroad the host country always make sure you have a bunch of vaccines to make sure you don’t bring any foreign contaminants into there country and the foreign contaminates that are present in there country don’t contaminate your body. So what we receive before we jump on the plane is a very small dosage of the virus we may encounter, so small that our immune system can detect the virus and fight it off successfully. That science that they use to fight off viruses is the same concept we are using with Herbastat.

Your herpes virus strikes when are immune system is deprived. Its your immune system that allows the flare up. Your immune system is just not strong enough to stop every outbreak maybe some outbreaks but not all and not all the time. The same thing with the common cold sometimes your body can fight it off and some times it can’t. It probably will the next time it comes into contact with that same exact cold virus but if a new cold virus is introduced the immune system may not be able to stop the virus from slipping through the cracks.